Friday, December 22, 2006

The last days of shopping

On the weekend 'fore Christmas
All 'round the block
All the men-folk were
Desperately trying to shop.

"Who knew of this Chrismas?
Who knew of these gifts?"
They cry in voice
That's both wounded and miffed.

"Whose idea was this?
It's Hallmark I blame!
The fault couldn't lie
In my planning, foresight, or brain."

"Who are all these people
Out here today?
How can I shop
When they're all in my way?"

"There's not any parking
At all in the lot.
The person in charge
Deserves to be shot."

"How can I pick gifts
For my wife and my cat?
I'll take one of those
And, I suppose, one of that."

"I should be back home
Sipping heavily spiked nog.
Well, at least I'll have something
About which to blog."

Yet somehow they finish
The men-folk so dear
And swear things will be different
When they do it next year.

Hope yours goes well,

John / archy

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