Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Carl Sagan cat post
Today is the tenth anniversary of Carl Sagan's premature death from myelodysplasia. Skeptics and science bloggers are having a mini blog-a-thon to commemorate our loss. As a non-scientist, my links to Sagan are small, I enjoyed Cosmos, I read a few of his books, he threw my best friend out of his yard. Beyond that, I remember Sagan best as the archenemy of Immanuel Velikovsky. I don't think either Sagan or Velikovsky regarded Sagan as such, but to the Velikovskian underground, Sagan occupies that role. Velikovsky's followers were so offended by Sagan's brief moment defending science against Velikovsky's version of catastrophism, that one follower wrote a 360 page book refuting Sagan.

Someday, I'll tell that story. But today, I want to join the rest of the raional bloggers in remembering a man who made science real and human for millions.

Marlow and I celebrating Sagan.

PS - We're not out of focus. We're in an ideterminate eigenstate until Dr. Schroedinger comes by to check on our health.

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