Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Two signs of sanity returning
Kansas had a primary election yesterday. Four of the six people, on the state school board, responsible for passing the anti-evolution science standards, were up for reelection. Two of those four were defeated. This reverses the six-to-four balance on the board back in favor of science and the Enlightenment. The other two now face strong challenges in the general election. The best news is that Connie Morris, the main proponant of the anti-evolution science standards, was one of the two thrown out. This was a partisan primary, so hopefully this means the sane wing of the Kansas Republican Party is staging a comeback.

Meanwhile, in our nation's capitol, french fries and french toast are back on the menu in the congressional cafeteria. Now that we have been saved from the long national embarassment of freedom fries, maybe the Republican congress could pay attention to something that might actually improve some lives.

Admittedly, these are small signs, but these days you gotta celebrate whatever progress you can get.

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