Monday, March 06, 2006

Now, on to the important awards
Did you watch the Oscars last night? Did you think the right movies won? The Oscars are a passive sport; we don't get to vote, we just get to watch the results. But there are are some awards that you do get to vote for. I'm not talking about American Idol (though that's important too); I'm talking about the Koufax Awards, Left Blogistan's own night of a dozen stars.

Voting for the Koufaxes is now open over at Wampum. Archy is up for Most Deserving of Wider Recognition. Many of my best blogging buddies and daily reads are also up for this award and we all deserve greater recognition. The happiest solution would be if this award produced a twenty-way tie every year. That's not very likely. So, if there can only be one, I humbly ask that you let it be archy.

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