Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Ann's kind of humor
I can't wait to find out what the joke was.
Three Birmingham college students could face federal charges in connection with a string of Alabama church fires that is described in court papers as a joke that "got out of hand," authorities said Wednesday.


All nine fires occurred in rural counties southwest of Birmingham -- five in Bibb County on February 3, and four in Greene, Sumter and Pickens counties on February 7.


According to court papers released Wednesday, Cloyd told a witness that he and Moseley "had done something stupid."

"Cloyd stated to the witness that Moseley did it as a joke and it got out of hand," an affidavit in the case states. "Cloyd stated that they set a church on fire."

Moseley and Debusk admitted involvement in the fires, as well, the affidavit states. Debusk said he was at the scene of the fires in Bibb County, where the three had been deer hunting the first weekend of February, and kicked in the door of two churches that later were set ablaze.

Since we've had so many conservative bloggers assure us that Southerners have a few drinks, go hunting and shoot each other in the face all the time, I suppose we shouldn't be surprised that a few kids out hunting could accidentally burn down five churches. This stuff must happen to everyone. Still, as a Northerner, I'd like to have it explained to me.

Now I can see how a couple rowdy and well lubricated kids could accidentally set fire to a building and maybe even think it was funny for a few minutes. But what kind of joke holds up through burning five churches in three different towns. These guys must have a sense of humor like Ann "the judge poisoner" Coulter.

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