Friday, April 01, 2005

They've identified the problem
I almost never fisk, but this letter was just too good to pass up. The original target was John Aravosis of AMERICAblog.
You people make me sick to my stomach. Your group alone is responsible for the decline in morality in America.

Yay! They've identified the one group that is the sole cause of our national decline. Place your bets everyone. Our only clue, so far, is that it is a group that Aravosis is a member of.
Your group took advantage of the system, twisted it to suit the needs of every sick, perverted, & depraved person in America under the guise of "civil liberties"...

Buzz. I'm ready to guess. John Aravosis is a gay male who frequently writes about GLBT issues. "[S]ick, perverted, & depraved" is a favorite way for the religious right to refer to the GLBT community. That must be the group that's to blame for our national decline.
...& "freedom 'from' religion". When the Bible was removed from our public school systems, a moral decline started in America like a snow ball rolling down a hill. There is so much moral depravity in America because of that.

Oh. It must be the homosexuals and the secularists. And the atheists.
Put women in the workforce ... look at what that got you. A man can't get a good paying job ... it's called supply and demand. Give a woman a job for half the price and boot the man out. That is what "Corporate America" does & the government is forced to uphold that because you whiners sneak in with your "loop holes" & screwed America until it was morally bankrupt.

Um--it's the homosexuals, the secularists, the atheists, and women. And men who like women. And people who hire women.

Well, now that we've identified the problem group, we can do something about them. Right?
God will judge your kind ... the Bible tells us where you're going, and I feel so sad for your soul. Please pray for God's guidance in your life because you need it.

So the real America consists of straight, religious, misogynistic, males who, if they have ever held a job at all, have never held an executive or management position. And if the rest of us pray enough, we can be just as good as they are.

That sounds fair enough.

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