Friday, September 03, 2004

Tangled Bank reminder
We have less than a week before the next Tangled Bank is up and I can tell you the excitement is almost noticeable here at the crabgrass castle. But for those of you, who are late joining our show, let me take a moment to explain the Tangled Bank. Tangled Bank is a "Carnival of the Vanities" for science geeks and dilettantes alike. For those of you who haven't run across the carnival phenomenon in blogging, “a carnival is a weekly showcase of good weblog writing, selected by the authors themselves (that's the vanity part).” Every two weeks a different site hosts the Tangled Bank.

As our friend Pen Elayne says, “Oh, that's what a "carnival" is? Basically a blogaround? Geez, now they tell me...” She nailed it. It’s a fancy name for a blogaround. The Tangled Bank specializes in writing about the biological sciences in their broadest sense, including the politics of science, the history of science, nature watching, environmental politics, neurulation in zebrafish, or creationist bashing. If you’ve written a good post that relates to anything like that send me a link.

'Til now the Tangled Banks have all been hosted by science bloggers. This is the first Tangled Bank to be hosted by a humanities major. If you have an interest in science but no credentials, this is your chance to swim with the big kids. Wednesday morning when I get to work is the deadline. Go for it.

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