Thursday, September 30, 2004

More on Kozloff
L'affaire Kozloff has become a mini-sensation in Blogistan over night. David Neiwert has the fullest text of Dr. Kozloff's defense. It now seems clear that the good doctor's protests that he was just posting a piece meant to make us examine our attitutes is pure spin. He's a regular correspondant at Horsefeathers and has been heading in this direction for some time. Bellatrys quotes a letter Kozloff wrote last May where he proudly describes his status as the only right thinker on a campus full of the usual liberal America haters.

Horsefeathers has been removing Kozloff's posts from their blog, but many of them are still safely Google cached. It's typical bar-room loudmouth behavior. Those who most loudly proclaim their toughness are usually the first to back down when confronted. Right Blogistan is full of chickenhawks loudly ready for a war to the death of civilizations, as long as someone else fights it. They start backpedalling when faced with a few disapproving words from liberal peaceniks. A southern gentleman of my aquaintance calls such behavior "coat-holding," as in "are you going to let him get away with saying that? Here, I'll hold your coat while you teach him a lesson for us."

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