Saturday, September 11, 2004

Bush has jomentum
I don't usually call Bush stupid. I think he's an un-curious and anti-intellectual boob, but that's not the same thing as stupid. He has a certain kind of intelligence; it's just not the kind I respect. He clearly has a sort of mean canniness that is well suited to CEOs and playground bullies.

So about the time I'm straining my arm, patting myself on the back for my open-mindedness, he goes and says something that, from any perspective, can only be described as stupid. Really, really stupid.
Medicare has suddenly emerged as a volatile issue in this year's elections, as Democrats are vowing to roll back a sharp increase in premiums announced this month and the Bush campaign is seeking to blame lawmakers, including Senator John Kerry, for the rise.

The trading of accusations reflects efforts by both parties to seek advantage with older voters.

Democrats, hoping to reclaim an issue central to their success in past elections, said they would try to block the 17.4 percent increase that will come out of Social Security checks next year.

But in a new television advertisement and in official statements, President Bush's campaign is trying to pin the responsibility for the increase on Congress...

He's actually running for a second term by running against congress. Does he know which party controls both houses of congress? Does he know that he is the head of that party. Maybe Uncle Karl will explain this to him.

The last person to run for president by running against his own party was Joe Lieberman. And we all know how far jomentum got him.

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